Buy 30, Get 2 Free Promo

When you put 30 Laptops, Desktops, or Chromebooks (of a single model), into your cart and place your order, for every 30 that you purchase, we'll include 2 additional units free of charge!

Buy 30, get 32!

Buy 60, get 64!!

But 90, get 96 of them!!! get the idea

The caveats: There must be enough in available stock to qualify for the additional freebies. Your order must be processed on/before 04/30/2023.

When you put the qualifying number of units into your cart, you'll see an acknowledgment that additional units will be included with your order. The Buy 30, Get 2 Free offer will automatically be calculated for you!

You can pay by Credit Card OR PO#. If you opt for PO, we will need a copy of your official PO as stated during checkout, but you’ll also want to print a copy of the online order and include that too.

If you have any further questions, please send those to [email protected] OR call and speak directly to us at 866-511-3750.